#1 Retrospection; How did I feel and think?  

Hello! Today I decided to write in English. I know my English was still bad, but my friend Novia said that writing is freedom and we do not care so much about grammar to start. The important thing we have to try and be confident.

So, today I want to talk about my 1# retrospection. As we know retrospection is a process of thinking about something in the past. In this section, I will do retrospection especially about my feelings and my thinkings of something in 2019.

I have classified it to be the internal and external factor.

  1. External
Factor Feeling Thinking
New friend Sometimes I feel happy and sometimes it makes me apathetic. It depends on my first impression. Maybe we need some conversation.
New Pet I’m excited! I have to buy their necessary
Film It isn’t really wonderful Any science fiction film?
Workshop I enjoy joining an environmental workshop. Because it improves my skills. I have to save my money
Book I really love books. And i wanna make a library in my future house. I decide to land on the bed with my books.
Incomes It makes me happy because my effort isn’t useless I should buy some books or some items of furniture
Someone left me I feel sad, I cry. It really hard for me Just do me time and sometimes writing it can heal me
Vacation It will make me refresh my self I will go to a waterfall, mountain and something green
Achievement I’m very grateful I do my Nazar. I should sedekah and writing

2. Internal

Factor Feeling Thinking
Something that healing myself I’m very grateful I should preserve it condition
Something that keeping my healthy I enjoy but sometimes I feel lazy and exhausted I make a schedule and targets. And I have to remember my illness
Loving that I give I’m sincere I don’t expect too much
Ways of giving Deepen essentially Do sedekah, teach others and something

It is my first retrospection about my self. Perhaps you will think about those just trivial things. But trust me, it will give impact to your mental health and will make you consider your resolutions in 2020.

Sukabumi  January 12th, 2020


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